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It’s been quite the exciting weekend for the WWFU. Not only did my beloved Liverpool win the type of tough road game that they have always dropped points from in previous seasons (although I can’t link to a video of the Gerrard free kick because some fucking Premier League suit decided that allowing a global fanbase to grow by posting highlights on the internet is too smart of an idea), but our humble publication enjoyed its two biggest days ever thanks to being linked to by Weekend Daddy #1 over at Deadspin. Also, the Pubes tag debuted, and thanks to the Deadspin link it will probably be the most popular category ever for the WWFU.

Now, on a football related topic, a warrant was issued for the arrest of City owner, and former Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.

Thailand is seeking extradition, and this could jeopardise his ownership of the club, as FA rules state that only “fit and proper persons” may own football clubs. I don’t really know that much about Thailand, save for the fact that they are known for ladyboys, but I don’t know if a charge brought by a government imposed by military junta carries that much weight.

And for shits and giggles, here is a picture of a popular Thai ladyboy band. Feel free to question your sexuality.


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I saw this little tidbit in the Guardian today and felt that I would be remiss if I did not post it here. It seems as if Franco Foda, pictured above, has one of the most vulgar names in football history. I’ll allow Abendzeitung M√ľnchen sports editor Florian Kinast to tell the story:

“I remember Franco Foda, a three-time German Cup winner with Kaiserslautern, Leverkusen and Stuttgart between 1990 and 1997 and now head coach of Austrian team SK Sturm Graz,” writes Florian. “Despite his success elsewhere he only played twice for Germany, making his debut away to Brazil in December 1987. Obviously this would usually be a great honour, but not so much in Foda’s case. He came on as a substitute with eight minutes to go, emerging to howls of laughter from the stands as his name went up on the scoreboard. Franco foda, sadly, means “fucking for free” in Portuguese. Brazil’s players may have been distracted a bit, too: Stefan Reuter snatched an equaliser in the 90th minute.”

And here I thought that Anal Johnson was the dirtiest football name I’d ever heard. I stand corrected.

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EvdS: “Wat neukt het was dat?”

RF: “Oy mate, you just been merked.”

EvdS: “Neukend vertraagt”

RF: “F- this, I’m gonna call Lampard and go roast some bitches.”

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In light of the recent allegations that six members of the Czech national team, including vice-captain Tomas Rosicky, were caught cavorting with hookers late into the night after their 2-1 defeat to Germany, I have taken it upon myself to defend Rosicky’s honor.

The Czech journalist who broke the story claims that the players “drank and hugged prostitutes.” I think it is safe to assume that this is as far as it went, as Rosicky, being an Arsenal man, would rather make the extra pass–which in this convoluted analogy means more hugging–than go for goal.

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