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Having all tuned into Premiership games on a regular basis we are all aware of the level of support for most matches. Attendance for the lower teams is down and too often a “rowdy” afternoon at a match consists of a Sharon or Gary throwing a prawn sandwich at the “away” section or a typical “get your tits out” chant directed towards the hottest girl in the stands. I say, “Lets step it up a bit boys and return to the glory days of hooligans in the 80’s”. However, there are those in Europe who need no reminding of what it means to “support”. Below are a selection of a few of the fans that earned a place on my list and the reasons for their selection.

Best use of flares:Red Star fans against Bayern Munich in the 1991 Champions League. Have a look at the Bayern fans trying to warm up inspite of the crowd.

Best choreography: Brondby vs. Barca:

Hajduk “white army” compilation with amazing Borat music


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