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I’m off to Germany for the next week, so I most likely won’t be able to do a timely Fernando Torres day if he, in fact, does join Liverpool from Athletico Madrid as is being reported. So, if in the next week Torres does sign I leave you with this video. If he doesn’t sign this goes out as a tribute to Alan Partridge’s estranged son.


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The Great Bambino

My life is now complete. Occasionally, while scouring YouTube for Spanish Primera highlights, which they never show in America, my ears would be blessed by the voice of an angel, albeit a slightly off key one. Today I found out that angel has a name, and it is “Bambino” Pons.

The Pons is an Argentine announcer, I believe for FoxSport, who has a unique style, to say the least. Those douches who did all the World Cup games in the US last summer could learn a thing or two from him. I’m getting all stabby just thinking about them.

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In the off season one has to think of better things to do than watch boring international matches that feature little more than a friendly exchange of volleys and a chance for Kaka to pose for the cameras. One of the features that I will take interest in over the break is a West End performance of Chelski: The Musical. It features the trials and tribulations of the premiership’s most outspoken character, Jose Mourinho. I am quite looking forward to the whole thing especially when Drogba sings the climactic solo. Here is a sneak peak:

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I had been meaning to put this up since last week, when I saw it in the Guardian, but have only gotten around to it now. Seeing as how the WWFU is staffed by supporters of Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal, it was convenient that the players of all three of these clubs have, at some point in history, recorded some absolutely awful songs. Of the three, I have to say that the Liverpool one is the best, and not because I am a Liverpool supporter but because they seem to know that they are terrible. Any song that features people drunkenly singing about how funny foreigners’ accents are is alright with me. As for the other two, they bring to mind images of leather and hot pants (especially the Arsenal one).

The Anfield Rap

Move, Move, Move (The Red Tribe)

Hot Stuff (Arsenal)

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I took some time today to look at our blog stats, and was dismayed to see that the search engine term that was directing the most people to this site was some variation of “anti-liverpool chant.” Not wanting to disappoint our legion of fans, I will offer those United fans who are looking (since everyone knows that Chelsea “fans” don’t chant) a fewone suggestions.

  1. Sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”:
    Fergie became Sir for winning one,
    Fergie became Sir for winning one,
    Paisley won himself three,
    but he’s still no Fergie,
    Oh Fergie became Sir for winning one (European Cup)!

As for the person who came here after searching for “sexual intercourse positions,” I recommend the bobsled (note: not for the faint of heart).
Sorry for only coming up with one song, but I spent too much time trying to fit lyrics to the tune of What a Fool Believes by the Doobie Brothers. Suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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Perhaps the title of this post goes a little bit overboard, but I was at least a little bit surprised when I saw that Spurs fansite TOPSPURS and Arsenal fansite ArseWEB both list Andrew Ridgeley, best known as “the other guy from Wham!,” as fans of their respective clubs. I think it’s pretty easy to see why both clubs would be so eager to claim him, as I’ve always thought that he was the true driving force behind the group. We’ll just have to add this to the list of reasons for the clubs’ supporters to hate each other, right above the soon to be added “Spurs pipping Arsenal for fourth.”

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Bands and Clubs

For the music fans on the forum i’ve compiled a list of bands and which Premiership clubs they support:
Manchester United: The Smiths (actually half the band apparently support city, but we’ll take them because their awesome)
Aston Villa: Black Sabbath
West Ham: Iron Maiden
Leeds: Kaiser Chiefs
Liverpool: Teletubbies
Arsenal: Village People

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