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I am surprisingly not as gutted as I would have expected to be after having just finished watching Liverpool lose in the European Cup final. The fact that Milan’s first goal was a handball, or that the referee–under whose watchful eye Milan have not lost a Champions League game, and Liverpool have never scored a goal, who was picked by a committee headed by an Italian, a representative of a league that has never been known to be corrupt–blew the full time whistle at least a minute too early does not bother me. This is because Liverpool did not deserve to win this game due to Carlo Ancelotti doing his homework.

The Milan boss must have watched game film from the Premier League games as opposed to Liverpool’s European campaign, because this played out exactly like the typical Liverpool League game. Liverpool dominated possession, created numerous chances, yet were found lacking in the final third. Meanwhile, “beautiful” Milan were almost Bolton-esque, nicking a goal from a set piece that came against the run of play and then getting another (albeit an extremely well crafted and well taken one) while Liverpool were chasing the game at the end. I’m sure many of the ill-informed pundits and casual observers will blame Liverpool for this game not being up to snuff entertainment wise, as that seems to be the repuation that everyone clings to, but this one was not our fault.

On a positive note, I got my name mentioned over at DeadOn, which is a site I highly recommend. Also, Liverpool’s loss has removed any temptation I may have had to celebrate, thus leaving me primed for the Lost season finale. My prediction is that Desmond dies in Charlie’s place, but is somehow reborn in another parallel universe. Or something.


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