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There is no better way to inaugurate the new, more mature, WWFU than by having the meanest bastard to ever play the game weigh in on something, in this case David Beckham. In the Guardian Sport blog Vinnie talks about Beckham’s impact as a celebrity, Patrick Swayze being a cinema legend, and playing tennis with Claudia Schiffer and Pete Sampras. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Also, no Vinnie Jones post would be complete without his finest moment on the silver screen.


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After reading an excellent article on today’s Guardian SportBlog about how most English football fans are ignorant, xenophobic, jerk-offs (that’s American for wanker), I tried to look at things from their perspective. The biggest fear seems to be the Americanization of the game, or to use an example, the turning of the Premier League into some sort of version of the NBA, the worst league in all of sport. This got me to thinking about what the league would look like, and the nightmare follows after the jump.

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