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I’m off to Germany for the next week, so I most likely won’t be able to do a timely Fernando Torres day if he, in fact, does join Liverpool from Athletico Madrid as is being reported. So, if in the next week Torres does sign I leave you with this video. If he doesn’t sign this goes out as a tribute to Alan Partridge’s estranged son.


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Henry to Barca?

ESPN Soccernet has the headline “Henry Signs For Barca.” Meanwhile, the Beeb merely says that the Arsenal striker and Barcelona are in talks. The figure they are reporting as a transfer fee is £16m, which makes Charlton’s valuation of Darren Bent (£17m) seem even more ridiculous. The Daily Mail is also reporting this as a done deal, as well as quoting the same figure as the BBC.

If this is, in fact, true, I can see some Arsenal fans crying themselves to sleep tonight. If not, I can see some people getting sued.

Since I really don’t know what’s going on, I present the following:

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I don’t understand this commercial. The reasoning behind it is that David Beckham supposedly, “wanted to teach an old dog new tricks.” However, this leads one to believe that he knew that it was Scooby all along in the knight suit, an act gravely out of character for the cowardly canine. Was this collusion between Scoob and Mr. Posh Spice? If so, who actually was being taught a new trick? What is wrong with Shaggy’s voice? These questions–and many others–will be answered on the next episode of Soap.

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We all know Rio as that delightful defender who holds steady the back line of Manchester United and England. He loves Jaffa Cakes, has an uncanny resembelence to Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks, and controls the airwaves in the southend of Old Trafford. His idol: Ashton Kutcher. Unbeknownst to many, Rio started off last summer by punking a couple of his fellow England teammates. It is highly enjoyable watching these players making an ass out of themsleves and Rio showing what an absolute bell-end he is.

David James:

Gazza N:




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After reading an excellent article on today’s Guardian SportBlog about how most English football fans are ignorant, xenophobic, jerk-offs (that’s American for wanker), I tried to look at things from their perspective. The biggest fear seems to be the Americanization of the game, or to use an example, the turning of the Premier League into some sort of version of the NBA, the worst league in all of sport. This got me to thinking about what the league would look like, and the nightmare follows after the jump.

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Bambino Pons day continues here at the WWFU Headquarters with this Coca-Cola commerical from Argentina. The Pons lends his voice to the commerical, although it cuts off before he starts singing. There’s something not quite right about those muppets, though.

Oh, and I think pretty soon we’re going to need to institute a Bambino Pons tag.

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The Great Bambino

My life is now complete. Occasionally, while scouring YouTube for Spanish Primera highlights, which they never show in America, my ears would be blessed by the voice of an angel, albeit a slightly off key one. Today I found out that angel has a name, and it is “Bambino” Pons.

The Pons is an Argentine announcer, I believe for FoxSport, who has a unique style, to say the least. Those douches who did all the World Cup games in the US last summer could learn a thing or two from him. I’m getting all stabby just thinking about them.

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